"Where Banking Is Still A People Business"

A Debit Card from Dairyland State Bank gives you access to your account to obtain cash and make purchases 24 hours a day from anywhere in the United States and many foreign countries. Dairyland State Bank offers ATM services 24-hours a day at 4 of our branch locations. For a list of our ATM locations, click here.

Debit Cards give you many advantages to checks:

  • No checkbook to carry with you and no check writing at point of sale
  • Acceptance at almost every merchant
  • Fraud protection with monitoring of your Debit Card activity provided by Fraud Watch Plus
  • You can withdraw money from your account at any ATM machine (fee might apply on some ATMs) with the use of your PIN number.

If there is suspected fraud on your Debit Card, you will receive a call from Fraud Watch Plus to verify that a transaction is indeed valid. If they are unable to reach you by phone or it is late hours, they will put a hold on your card until they are able to reach you and confirm the transaction. They will leave you a message and phone number so that you can call them back. For this reason it is important that you report any changes in your phone number to us at the bank so that your card so that your card information is kept up to date.

Avoid using your Debit Card online, as this increases the risk of your card number being used for fraudulent transactions.

To apply for a Debit Card, stop in at any one of our branches to pick up an application form.